This Online Artist Leaked Her Own Sexts & Nudes So No One Else Had To (NSFW)

"I’m a bit of an over-sharer online," explains digital artist Molly Soda. Her latest project, a zine of sexts, poems, and nude photos taken on her own phone, would make it seem like she applies this mantra to all areas of her life, but Soda says she's always been wary of sharing that kind of suggestive content. "I don’t send nude photographs to anyone because I’m afraid they will get leaked or that someone will have some kind of power over me. I’d never want to feel that way."
"I think that everyone takes the occasional nude. My thing is that I never intend to send them to anyone," she says, adding that "actually, half the time I just delete them." So this project, entitled Should I Send This?, is rather out of the norm for Soda. More accurately, this work shows her exercising her right to reveal her more vulnerable side the way she sees fit. Here's how she puts it:
"I believe if you’re embarrassed about something or you feel a little bit shy or weird about something, the best way to deal with to put it out there and let it exist...I wanted to use things that I was even a little bit apprehensive or shy about...I felt like I had a lot of text or poems on my phone, and I was like, 'Oh, I don’t really want to post these anywhere. It’s a little too emo. It doesn’t really feel right.' So I decided to make the zine in order to deal with those feelings."
When asked about how the nude photos fit into the zine, she says, simply, "I don’t send nudes to anyone, so I kind of wanted to just leak them myself."
Click ahead to view a selection of Soda's texts and photographs. The full zine is available online, here. You can purchase a physical copy, here.

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