Everything We Know About Sarah Jessica Parker's New Show Based On This Photo

Photo: Craig Blankenhorn / HBO.
Sex and the City fans could only watch so many reruns before Sarah Jessica Parker returned to HBO to create some fresh entertainment. Parker will star in Divorce, a comedy series which unfortunately isn't about a happily married private detective whose last name is Divorce. The show follows Frances (played by Parker) as she faces the prospect of a post-marriage life in New York City. The new series, created by Sharon Horgan, will also feature Thomas Hayden Church, Molly Shannon, Talia Balsam, and Tracy Letts.

As entertainment detectives, we can gather even more tidbits about the show from the first still alone. Frances' dress has a busy pattern, which obviously represents her busy life. She's not carrying a briefcase, so her job doesn't require much paper work (or, being a modern woman, she has an iPad mini stuffed in her purse). She isn't smiling, which means life is getting to her. Should she be dating? Should she be staying in more? How did she let herself get so far behind on Scandal?

HBO hasn't yet announced a release date, or whether Divorce will feature Carrie Bradshaw-style narration.

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