CBS Won’t Air This Supergirl Episode Tonight In Light Of Paris Attacks

An episode of Supergirl in which the hero tries to protect National City from someone orchestrating bombings — will no longer air on CBS tonight in light of the recent terror attacks in Paris. CBS has altered its Monday programming, substituting out the aforementioned Supergirl episode and a terrorism-related episode of NCIS: Los Angeles in favor of other episodes of the shows. The episode of NCIS: LA that will no longer be shown involved terrorist recruitment. "How Does She Do It?" — the Supergirl episode that was scrapped from the schedule — depicts the bombing of a building in Supergirl's National City, and the hero's efforts to thwart another terror plot against Maxwell Lord's high-speed train. In its place CBS will air "Livewire," which finds Kara's adoptive mother, Eliza Danvers, coming to town for Thanksgiving. Helen Slater, who was Supergirl in a 1984 movie, plays Eliza. Kara also battles baddie "Livewire," CatCo employee Leslie Willis (Brit Morgan). It's unclear when "How Does She Do It?" will air. Neither of the replaced episodes have new airdates. You can watch the trailer for "Livewire" below.

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