This Proposal Generator Will Tell You How To Pop The Question

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Getting up to the nerve to propose can be pretty stressful. Add to that the high bar that all those choreographed, sob-worthy viral proposals set, and it can be tough for anyone to put an original spin on the big question. Enter the Proposal Generator. The website was just launched by Vashi, a diamond company that certainly has a vested interest in wedding proposals — and the rings that generally accompany them. The generator allows you to enter a few details about your beloved: Is that person introverted or more outgoing? Does he or she prefer movies or dancing? Then, you enter a budget and get a free proposal suggestion. We tried it (repeatedly), and the results were pretty adorable, if not always the most original. Say you want to go all-out while proposing to an extrovert who loves movies; the generator suggests you hire out a local movie theater and, in the middle of a screening, cut to a short video in which you pop the question. When the lights come up, friends and family are there to celebrate. (If this sounds familiar, it may be because you recently saw this video.) Or, if the movie fan in question is an introvert, the tool suggests opting for an outdoor proposal with just the two of you. What if the person in question is an introvert who also loves dancing and travel? The generator suggests going to a Broadway show — but holding off until after the theater empties out to pop the question (you can excuse yourself to the bathroom, but then walk out onstage). Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can just click “Surprise Me” on the Proposal Generator for some wacky ideas — like spelling it out with a lawn mower or incorporating Spaghetti-Os. And while trusting a website with such an important decision might not seem like the most romantic thing, maybe it’s not the worst idea. After all, not everyone is naturally creative. Even if it takes a little outsourcing to develop the perfect proposal idea, you're still the one who has to execute it. Tailoring the ask itself to the person you're asking — i.e. avoiding public proposals for introverts — is also wise. Of course, if people choose to keep the source of inspiration for their perfect wedding proposals a secret, we can’t say we’d blame them for that, either.

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