12 Reasons To Love Ryan Gosling On His 35th Birthday

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Ryan Gosling turned 35 today, and as a reverse birthday present to everyone, he returned to Twitter after a 100-day hiatus. But he didn’t just come back to say, “Happy Birthday to me.” Gosling resurfaced to give a shout-out to Bernie Sanders by asking his followers to share a video of the presidential candidate. This seemed like a bizarre birthday boy endorsement to us. What was even more bizarre was his second tweet in 100 days: a follow-up to clarify that this was not a Sanders endorsement. Hmm. Maybe he just really loves the video's cinematography?
Gosling has had an on-off relationship with twitter — meaning an emotional rollercoaster for us — but his return shows a positive new pattern. Last time he was gone for two years. So, in honor of his comeback, we’ve put together some of the actor’s Twitter-career highlights.
(The non-endorsement follow-up.)
This tweet came out of nowhere. He only qualified it by saying he wasn’t kidding – about the sweatpants…
This came after months of actively retweeting other messages about his directorial debut movie, Lost River. IDK what he thought he was doing before, but at least he’s happy.
This is from that time Gosling tweeted a slew of Vimeo links that don’t exist. I would LOVE to know who the Godfather of Cincinnati is and watch that doc.
Gosling (who claims to avoid the Internet), created a whole Vine video in retaliation to the Internet’s suggestion that he won’t eat his cereal…
Everyone likes a cute pun every now and then…
In fairness, he was given a pretty bizarre lead question, but this is a helluva twitter rejection if ever we saw one.
Care to elaborate?
That time he was a feminist.
Hey Ryan. You were gone for two years. Not really over doing it, don’t worry.
I would argue that Ryan Gosling is winning the battle against Twitter. And the Internet.

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