The Jennifer Lawrence & Natalie Dormer Kiss: A Forensic Analysis

The accidental liplock between Hunger Games costars Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Dormer seems innocent enough at first. One woman goes in for the cheek kiss, the other does the same, miscalculation, and lips meet. Must happen all the time in Europe… Or does it?
We broke down the Vine to decode the secret meanings in their interactions. The first reaction JLaw has is shock. She puts her hand to her mouth to indicate surprise. Or is that an Illuminati ring on her finger that she’s using to signal to Dormer that they are sisters in some kind of dark order?

Also, note the man behind them. He seems intent on capturing their every move. Perhaps he’s their Illuminati handler? He’s the gunman on the grassy knoll of this vine.

In the second frame, Lawrence is now smiling after doing a hand gesture. The man has receded into the background. Just as a secret agent of a secret society might. Suspicious.

“We just kissed on camera,” Lawrence says with her trademark ingenue smile. The man, who is definitely a secret agent and possibly working for the shadow reptilian government, was briefly visible before hiding fully behind Lawrence. Just as a puppet master might. Notice, too, the smiling woman leaning into frame. She has no idea the complex celeb kabuki she has just witnessed.

In the fourth frame, the secret agent has transformed into a woman! A shapeshifter! Just as the prophecies foretold. Lawrence looks nauseous in this frame, thinly hiding it behind a smile. Dormer has her hand on her costar, comforting her. Clearly Lawrence is incredibly uncomfortable in front of the cameras.

“And I liked it,” Lawrence concludes before turning away. The shapeshifter follows her, hands clasped in front, content that the work is done. The woman, smiling before, has now seen her face become a rictus of terror. She has realized the horrors she has borne party to.

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