This Website Could Scare You Out Of Your Own Home

In movies, haunted houses are the fun kind of scary. You might even pay to walk through one in person this weekend. But if you’re thinking about buying a house (or renting an apartment), you might want to know about its dark past first. Now you can.

At $11.99 per search, the website Diedinhouse will help you explore the history of the home of your dreams (or nightmares). Whether it was suicide, murder, or natural causes, Diedinhouse will let you know exactly who may have met their maker while inside.

Considering that a death in a home can affect its value by up to 25%, the site might actually save you in more ways than one. But if you don’t scare easy, then consider it a good way to go bargain shopping. Or you could just use it to freak out your Halloween party hosts by searching their address.

Who knows? You might even uncover a welcome haunting or an infamous address — like this one in Seattle.


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