This Powerful Video Will Make You Rethink Mastectomies

Photographed by Fernanda Silva.
"Never be ashamed of a scar," urges the video below. Scars are reflections of our lived experiences, and, more importantly, of our strength. The video suggests that no scar is a more profound testament of someone's tenacity than a mastectomy scar; it portrays them as a point of pride rather than of self-consciousness.

The video was produced as part of Lifetime Latin America's campaign for breast cancer awareness. It begins with images of objects that breasts are, for better or for worse, frequently compared to — melons, jello, beach umbrellas, and more. As the video goes on, we see these items cut apart, broken, and shattered. Smoothies get blended, candles burn, fruits are chopped in half. Eventually, people are revealed to be holding some of these objects in front of their chests. Pulling their hands away, they reveal their mastectomy scars.

Especially considering how brief it is, this video sends a powerful message: Very few things remain perfect, so why feel shame when something about you changes? Scars tell a story and suggest growth. Scars prove your strength and endurance when faced with hardship. And these scars, in particular, are a declaration of survival.

The World Day of the Fight Against Breast Cancer may have been October 19, but we have one week left of Breast Cancer Awareness Month — and, to be honest, there's never a bad time to consider how we view and talk about about this disease. You can watch the full video here.

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