18 Movies With The Best Fashion Sense Of All Time

Sometimes, from the moment you see the first poster, you can tell a movie is going to make you want to revamp your closet. Some go so far as to inspire trends that outlast anyone's memory of the film's plot. Other onscreen fashion sneaks up on you, and you don't quite realize until halfway through a movie that the lead actress' coat is telling you as much about her emotional development as her words. Whether it's in your face — shopping-montage-style — or more subtle, good fashion in movies can be better than in any magazine. Where else can you see 20-foot-tall beautiful people model clothing?
From the simple sophistication of Breakfast at Tiffany's to the playful '80s nostalgia of The Royal Tenenbaums, great costume designs mark characters' unique traits even as they inspire generations of copycats. Movies explicitly about fashion have to live up to big expectations, while movies filled with action, drama, or the prince of Zamunda's search for a wife manage to give us memorable costume moments we never knew we needed. Here, we're celebrating films with wardrobes we'd love to raid, even if it's just for one Halloween night or our fantasy trip to a ball.

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