Sandra Bullock On Black Lives Matter & Motherhood

Photo: Theo Kingma/Rex/REX USA
Sandra Bullock has a laundry list of awards. She won an Oscar in 2010 for The Blind Side and People magazine named her the "World's Most Beautiful Woman" earlier this year. But after an appearance on BET promoting her upcoming film Our Brand is Crisis. she may have to clear space on her mantle for a Hollywood Mom of The Year trophy. Bullock, who adopted an African-American son in 2010, was asked about how she talked to him about racism in light of Black Lives Matter. Her response was just about perfect. "It’s an open conversation we have. He fully understands what that means. He doesn’t understand why people judge each other based on the color of the skin but he knows they do. He also knows that there’s sexism. He knows that there’s homophobia. He knows a lot for a five-and-three-quarter-year-old." Bullock, who won her Oscar portraying the mother of an adopted black son in the 2009 film The Blind Side, continued after the host asked her if it was difficult to balance when raising her child. "It’s not a conversation any parent wants to have with their child -- that you’ll be judged on the color of your skin rather than the content of your character -- but it exists and I want him to be safe and I want him to be aware," she said. "Once he leaves that house and I’m not with him, it’s his life and how he approaches it is his decision. But I want to know that I did the best I could as his mom to educate him on the ugliness in the world and also the beauty." Our Brand is Crisis, about two dueling campaign managers during a key Bolivian election, opens in wide release October 30.

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