We Can’t Even With McDonald’s “Grey Burger”

We've already voiced our (strong) opinion on why burgers shouldn't be adulterated. And we couldn't help but notice that McDonald's just majorly crossed the line with its latest offering. It seems there's an all out fast food war over who can make the grossest-looking burger buns. Apparently, the world has learned nothing from the Burger King green poop scandal of 2015. Why? Because McDonald's China wants its customers to eat grey burgers. Not only is grey just about the least appetizing color out there (in an attempt to picture grey foods all I could think of was mold), but it's supposed to be a "modern" take on a hamburger, which makes things even weirder. (It's officially been dubbed the "Modern Chinese Burger.") According to Grub Street, the monstrosity features sesame seed stained buns that have a frightening sheen to them, a pork patty, bacon, lettuce, and some sort of yellow sauce. Filing this one alongside Burger King's Halloween Burger under foods we just aren't willing to try.
And in case you need extra motivation not to eat one, here's what the Modern Chinese Burger looks like in real life:

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