Bear Wanders Into A High School, No One Cares

For many American high schoolers, every excuse to take your eyes away from the blackboard is eagerly accepted. First snow of the year? Everyone to the windows; this is going to be intense! But for students at Montana's Bozeman High School, not even the appearance of an actual real live bear is enough to shake their chill. Multiple videos have surfaced online that show the bruin wandering down the high school halls, possibly contemplating a reenactment of that famous Breakfast Club scene.
According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, the bear stopped by early Wednesday morning and walked out of an exit shortly after. Where one video shows the hallways pretty cleared out, another features a crowd gathering behind the furry guest. And, of course, the most important query when faced with a bear in your school is "What do you want me to do, Kevin?" Now, why is this all on Kevin? (To be fair, he is the school principal.) I think it was time for a team project to bring all the students together — group trip to the grocery store to stock up on honey!

Opener Photo: Christine Haines/Rex/REX USA.

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