Adam Levine Finds A New Way To Make Fans Upset: Shaving His Head

When Adam Levine isn't making adorable little girls burst into tears over his marital status, he's making his fans — both young and old — freak out on Twitter about the fact that he's shaved his head. Adam Levine, will you give us no rest? The Maroon 5 lead singer and star of The Voice already tempted fate last year when he went platinum blonde. Now, he's gotten rid of his hair entirely and it is...something. Fans were outraged and confused and hurt by his decision to go bald-bombshell. In fact, there has been so much uproar that Levine himself had to take to Twitter to defend his latest look, posting, "Excuse me. Lex Luthor was bald. I have 'shaved' my head. Meaning, shaved by choice. Big difference. Ok?!! Ok?!!" Okay, Adam Levine, whatever you say. Whatever you think will stop the hurting. We doubt that tweet was enough to calm the nerves of frazzled Adam Levine lovers who are probably pondering what could possibly be next. Where can we go from here? Who are we? What is Adam Levine doing to us as a nation? Demand answers. Here are some of the best Twitter responses and reactions to Adam Levine's shaved head.
And to be fair, some people dig it.

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