Hannibal Buress’ Unaired Pilot Would’ve Been A Hit TV Show

Hannibal Buress already has his own show on Comedy Central called Why? But, this morning he shared a pilot for a series that never got picked up — one that would have slayed audiences. In Unemployable, the comedian tries odd jobs around the country to see if he's cut out for work other than comedy. The magic of the show, of course, is in Buress himself. Even though the name of the show already tells me he probably won't be any good at these jobs, I still want to see him try. I want to watch him try to milk a goat, or read fortunes on the street. And I imagine lots of people would want to see that, too. Beyond the goat tending and tarot reading, the pilot also features Buress trying to be a short-order cook at a diner, and a preview of him trying his hand as a children's basketball coach. Sign me up. It's not that watching him fail at these jobs is hilarious. We expect him to fail. It's the Buress brand of commentary that runs through the botched ventures. It's the way he calls bullshit on how we see certain professions. Oh, that goat farmer gets up at 4 a.m. every day? How noble! No, Buress says. It just means that his life is kind of terrible. Between clips of his professional endeavors, the pilot also features bits of stand-up about each job. It's the perfect mix, and some network needs to grab it. That doesn't mean Why? has to go away, either. Just give the man two shows. Stranger things have happened.

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