TV Has Run Out Of Ideas & Is Turning Childhood Games Like Hide & Seek Into Reality Shows

Photo: Image Source/ Getty Images.
CBS has a new reality show called Hunted, described as "a new one-hour alternative series where participants are challenged to go on the run as some of the world’s most highly skilled investigators and trackers pursue them in a nationwide manhunt."

Yes, soon, you'll be able to tune into extreme tag — the game you loved as a kid — with the kind of budget you'd love to have as an adult. And in the reality TV landscape, where spin-offs are king, it's only a matter of time before more of your favorite childhood pastimes get amped up and put on air. In case any producers are in need of ideas, we've come up with a few:

Jacked Jacks — A combination of Jacks and American Ninja Warrior; participants must scoop up every jack, then hit the Spider Climb before a massive ball drops from a skyscraper and comes back down.

Too Many Cats in the Cradle — Participants must perfect all levels of the string game while locked in a room with several Bobcats.

Hopscotch Scotch — A hopscotch-based drinking game that requires participants to take the same number of shots as the square they land on.

M.A.S.H SMASH — The traditional game of mansion, apartment, shack, house, but if you don't like your results you can challenge the recorder to a mixed martial arts battle, wearing Hulk hands.

Red Rover — No alteration. This game was rough.

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