The Friday Night Lights Cast Had A Mini Reunion

Friday Night Lights has (sadly) been off the air for four years. However, the friendships forged between some of the actors are still going strong. Scott Porter (a.k.a. Jason Street) posted a photo on his Instagram account featuring his adorable baby and his FNL co-stars Gaius Charles and Matt Lauria on September 29.

"Good friends...livin' large in Texas"...and babies. #TexasForever @MattLauria @GaiusCharles

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Porter captioned the pic, "Good friends...livin' large in Texas"...and babies. #TexasForever@MattLauria @GaiusCharles"

Porter had already told us he would always be tight with his FNL friends. He explained at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, "It's all about finding the moments when you can catch up with people. Friends are friends for life, and those friends are people you can call after two years without speaking to them and know that you can pick up right where you left off, and that's how I feel about a lot of those cats." Texas forever, indeed.

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