Exclusive: Watch Abbi & Ilana Do Dinner In New Hack Into Broad City

Photo: Courtesy of Comedy Central.
If you're missing the way Broad City besties Abbi and Ilana speak to your soul as much as we are, then you agree that waiting until next year to see the girls again is just not an option. While season 3 doesn't premiere until February 2016, we've got a gift for you in the meantime. The second installment of Hack Into Broad City just landed and is here for your viewing pleasure. The episode is titled "Dinner."

The limited web series debuted last Tuesday with the timely Yom Kippur. (Spoiler: the Broad City gals and fasting don't mix). Here, the ladies shoot the shit video-chatting over dinner — and things take a decidedly typical Abbi and Ilana turn. Plus, more good news! You've got four more installments to tide you over between now and February. Yas queen, YAS!

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