Are You A Good Person? Science Will Tell You Soon

Photo: REX USA
Researchers at Wake Forest University want to find the world's best humans and hope that they'll rub off on the rest of us. No, really. Scientists at the university plan to spend the next three years studying the most morally upright people they can find, nominated by the peers who know them. "We're going to start with a common-sense definition of morality — compassionate, fair, generous, honest," Will Fleeson, a Wake Forest psychologist who is leading the project, told New York Mag. "But even on that, people can differ. What's compassionate? What's fair? Even on our team we have different opinions about morality." If there's one thing we can agree on, it's that the university needs to call Taylor Swift for this study ASAP. Girlfriend does more for her fans on the regular than we do for our own family — she visits fans in the hospital, gives them backstage surprises, and even donates money, when needed. And don't even get us started on Angelina Jolie. That woman is practically a saint with her Syrian refugee and U.N. work. Fleeson says he hopes to find a variety of people for the study, including those who do things for their community or other similar small acts of kindess. There's hope for us yet!

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