An Intimate Look At The Sex Lives Of People Living With Disabilities (NSFW)

In his most recent series, Je t’aime moi aussi, photographer Olivier Fermariello resists societal stigma with every picture he takes. The gross misconceptions he's fighting are the ways in which mainstream culture denies people with physical disabilities any kind of sexual identity. Over email, Fermariello explains that "people with disabilities...have the same desires as non-disabled people. [But], for some reason, the society doesn’t want to admit [that] to itself."
His photos depict people who live with disabilities — in their homes, on their beds, undressed with their lovers. Some look away from the camera, while others stare accusingly into the lens, leading the project as a whole to be as voyeuristic as it is confrontational.
"I think there is just one thing to do in order to get rid of a taboo, or to solve a problem in general: talking," Fermariello says. But, he quickly clarifies that "before talking about this, or any other matter, we need to learn how to listen the voice...of the people concerned by this specific [issue]."
Click through to view Je t’aime moi aussi and read Fermariello's own words about his process and his hopes for change.

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