This Ad For Bread Is Certainly...Questionable

Shilling your latest bakery offerings via advertisements should be fairly straightforward, but somehow Marks & Spencer has turned it into an Internet joke.

In a new in-store ad, first discovered by Twitter user @RichSKWorth, the British retailer promotes its latest bread as "a natural source of vitamin D." The only problem? The tagline: "Putting the D in bread."

Naturally, the Internet took the dirty joke and ran with it. "It's how bagels are made," one user tweeted. "If there's one place the D doesn't belong, it's in bread #marketingfail," another tweeted (although, to be fair, there are plenty other places it doesn't belong, either).

Whether this double entendre was intentional is yet to be determined; Marks & Spencer's Twitter and Facebook have been operating as usual, and when asked to comment, the company told The Telegraph: "We recently became the first retailer to add vitamin D to all of our bread to help customers get more vitamin D in their diet.”

Innocent or not, in the world of the Internet this type of press is still press, which is good. "They need to give the copywriter a raise. He or she won big on this," one user tweeted.

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