There’s A Disney Princess In This Iced Coffee

We would have been way more engaged in Where's Waldo as kids if we were looking for a Disney princess submerged in delicious iced coffee rather than a guy in glasses and a weird hat on the pages of a picture book. It looks like we're finally getting our chance thanks to the below viral tweet. Can you spot the Disney princess hiding in this cup of iced coffee? (We think it looks like Cinderella.) According to Twitter, the tweet roughly translates to, "Ice coffee ice like a Disney Princess." It really is an uncanny resemblance. She even appears to be wearing a ballgown. And it really is wild to think the ice just happened to melt that way. Too bad the sipper couldn't save this frosty cup and sell it like the Mary grilled cheese, since we're guessing it inevitably, well, melted. The Disney movie-watching kid in all of us wants to believe that this ice princess is real, but we also wouldn't be totally shocked if she was photoshopped. Regardless, this tweet is making us want to watch a Disney movie after work tonight. And reach for our second third iced coffee of the day. (TIME)

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