Where London's Coolest Girls Want To Holiday

Oh, boy oh boy. There's a Bank Holiday weekend coming up, and for the first time in what feels like ages, there's no out-of-town wedding claiming it. You can go where you like and do what you like, and then Instagram the hell out of it to make everyone else jealous. It's your turn to be the smug jet-setter. The only problem is, where on Earth are you going to go?

You could spin a globe or point blindly at an atlas. You could stick to the cheapest RyanAir and EasyJet fares. Or you could get some first-rate recommendations and inspirations from some of the coolest gals in London. These in-the-know influencers have some dream destinations, from Havana to Hawaii, we wouldn't mind tagging along to. All you need is a passport, an adventurous spirit, and the travel tips included within. Bon voyage!

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