Kimberly Stewart Gets Naked & Sports A Native American Headdress On Reality TV

Do the Kardashians finally have worthy competition in the realm of reality TV families? To quote a Magic 8-Ball: Don't count on it. Last night, E! premiered Stewarts & Hamiltons, its latest pseudo-celeb reality series. The show features Alana Stewart, her ex-husband George Hamilton and their kids — including Kim Stewart, Alana's daughter with ex Rod Stewart. If you don't recognize most of these names, don't concern yourself: You are not alone. Apart from Hamilton, Kim Stewart is the only other B-lister who stands out, which may have something to do with the fact that she has a daughter with Benicio Del Toro. These days, she's angling for fame in a different way, though. During the first episode of Stewarts & Hamiltons, Kimberly strips down to her birthday suit and sports a Native American headdress for a photo shoot. At present, it's unclear where this particular spread is intended to appear, or why this seemed like a good idea.
However, this we know for sure: No good ever comes from appropriating Native American cultural symbols for highly publicized dress-up games. On a separate note, someone should probably take the taser away from these people, ASAP.

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