Jake Gyllenhaal Claims He Doesn’t Know Taylor Swift Wrote About Him

Gregory Pace/BEImages
Jake Gyllenhaal doesn't remember the details of what Taylor Swift allegedly wrote about him all too well. (See what we did there?) On The Howard Stern Show Wednesday conversation went from promoting Southpaw, to Swift when Stern asked about Good Morning America's choice to play Gyllenhaal's ex's current hit, "Bad Blood," behind his interview. Gyllenhaal didn't think GMA meant any harm in the juxtaposition. “There are dark things that happen on Good Morning America. That is not one of them," he said. (What "dark things," Jake? Still sort of in character for Nightcrawler, are we now?) Stern forged ahead on the topic of Swift, arguing that Gyllenhaal and Swift should have gotten married, and Robin Quivers told Gyllenhaal, "you have a song written about you." Gyllenhaal's all-too-innocent response? "Do I?" Come on, Jake, you know where Taylor left her scarf, though we appreciate the discretion. Earlier, Gyllenhaal told Stern that he "hope[s]" to get married. "I believe in monogamy I believe in when you meet somebody who’s right it will be right," he said. Though he said he's not currently in love, he said he's been in love "three times" later adding "twice" in a mumble. Read into that what you will, Gyllenfans.

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