This Amy Schumer Interview Proves That Jon Hamm Is A Comic Genius

It's an irrefutable fact that Trainwreck star Bill Hader, is an irreplaceable comedic treasure who cannot be duplicated. Well, at least that's what we thought before Jon Hamm came along.

During an interview with Trainwreck's leading lady Amy Schumer on Extra, the Mad Men star stepped in for the Saturday Night Live alum and it was all just very silly and wonderful.

Sure, Hader and Hamm may not look much alike, and Hamm's impressions of Hader's famous characters like Stefon (sorry, Starfin) aren't exactly spot-on, but Hamm, like Hader, is comedic gold. While Hamm is best-known for his dramatic work as Don Draper, his resume is arguably even more impressive. No kidding.

In addition to his own memorable stints on SNL (who wouldn't want to dine at Hamm & Bublé?), Hamm has totally killed on the big and small screens as a series of bumbling, albeit very attractive doofuses in the likes of Bridesmaids, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and the upcoming Netflix series Wet Hot American Summer. Heck, he's so willing to go big for laughs he once voiced a talking toilet on Bob's Burgers.

In the segment, Schumer and Hamm joke about their (non-existent) on-screen chemistry in Trainwreck, but they actually do have an incredible rapport with one another. The two quickly bounce one-liners off one another and stay in character, even when the "real" Bill Hader shows up. We'll watch Hader, Schumer, and Hamm in anything, so, seriously, Hollywood, why not get them all in a comedy together? The loss of Jon Hamm: Brooding Mad Men Star, is certainly a bummer, but the emergence of Jon Hamm: Mega-Handsome Comedy Powerhouse is still very much welcome.

Watch the entire, hilarious clip below:

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