Han Solo Movie: Here Are Some Actors We’d Like To See Play The Role

Yesterday, the news and announcement came that Han Solo would be getting his own Star Wars "anthology" movie and that it would be directed by the guys behind the gleefully wacky worlds of The Lego Movie and the Jump Street franchise, Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The movie will chart "how young Han Solo became the smuggler, thief, and scoundrel whom Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi first encountered in the cantina at Mos Eisley," according to the official Star Wars website. So basically, it's a dream role for any young actor who wants a Harrison Ford-type of stardom. But who do we want to see in the role? Yes, we've considered Chris Pratt, but his age might be a restricting factor, and he might also be taking on another Ford role. So here are a couple of other options who we think might be worthy of that deep V-neck shirt. Dave Franco: This is the idea we're most excited about. Lord and Miller have a history with the younger Franco brother, who appeared in their Jump Street movies as eco-teen / crime lord Eric. While Franco has mostly done pure comedy just imagine if he threw a little swashbuckling into the mix. Only good things can come of pairing him with this directing team. Shameik Moore: We fell in love with Moore in Dope, and thanks to that movie and the upcoming Baz Luhrmann Netflix series Moore's career is taking off right now, and a big role in a beloved franchise is the logical next step. Jeremy Jordan: Jordan is a musical theater star that will get more exposure this fall on CBS’s Supergirl. Sure, Jordan’s pipes won’t help him much — unless Han becomes lead singer for the Cantina Band — but Jordan is a versatile performer. Miles Teller: Teller is one of the most heralded young actors out there thanks to his performance in Whiplash. While he’s not a Ford replica looks-wise, he’s got a cockiness to him that could be just what Han Solo needs. Michael B. Jordan: Jordan, Teller's co-star in the upcoming Fantastic Four, should basically be in the running for any young, starring role. Mix his serious chops in with the charm on display in the not-so-good rom com That Awkward Moment (which also happened to feature Teller) and you've got a Han Solo. The Rocky movie Creed, coming out in November, should only make a stronger case for Jordan. Zac Efron: It's obvious that the long-ogled Efron has got the handsome part of the role down, but he's proved in movies like Neighbors he's got a sense of humor that makes him more than just a pretty face. Plus, we'd rather see him in a Star Wars movie than playing a DJ. (And, yes, Efron was also in that ill-fated rom com with Teller and Jordan.) Jack O'Connell: O'Connell had a huge year last year starring in Angelina Jolie's Unbroken, and we'd love to see him in a major starring role where there's a bit more fun involved. Taron Egerton: If Disney wants a still somewhat under the radar British quantity, Egerton, the star of Kingsman: The Secret Service, is our pick. (Then, of course, they could always go for a complete newbie like they did for Daisy Ridley in Episode VII.)

Liam Hemsworth:
While we haven't been that impressed by what Hemsworth has done with Gale in The Hunger Games we're willing to give him another chance.

Channing Tatum: Look, Tatum is probably in the same category as Pratt: He's too old for this role. He's about same age now as Ford was when the first Star Wars film came out. But Lord and Miller did wonders with Chan in the Jump Street movies and, really, who can blame us for wanting more of him in our lives?

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