5 Hacks For A Healthier Week — Jul 26 2015

Photographed by Ruby Yeh.

recently reported that "75% of the world’s population consumes only five animal species and 12 plant species." That means not-so-great things for your gut. Varying and broadening your eating habits will increase the nutrients and healthy bacteria in your body, while lowering your risk of diseases like diabetes. Prevention has nine reasons to start listening to your wacky friend who makes her own soap. These natural remedies are backed by doctors and are shown to work. If you still haven't discovered coconut oil's versatility, now's the time. Well + Good will guide you through 12 different ways to incorporate the cult item into your life. Self's latest workout video is surprisingly fun and effective. The great thing about exercise routines that use sliders is that you can substitute the actual gear with paper plates or towels, for all your at-home gym needs. Not that you need to hear it any more than you already do, but: You really will fall asleep faster if you limit your screen time before bed. Here it is again, along with 10 other simple bedtime tips.

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