Disney Princesses’ Waists Are Even Tinier Than You Thought

Photo: Courtesy AboveAverage.com/Disney
For all the flak Barbie gets over her ridiculous body proportions, we're surprised less attention has been paid to some other childhood icons who've been upholding crazy beauty standards for decades. The site Above Average performed a simple graphic analysis of Disney princess stills and concluded that, whoa — their eyes are literally bigger than their stomachs. Well, the width of their eyes, not their actual eyeballs — but you get the picture. This is the case for classic characters like Sleeping Beauty's Aurora, '90s favorites like Ariel, Belle and Pocahontas, and, of course, the latest stars, including Rapunzel and Elsa. Add this to the revelation of a couple months ago that all Pixar ladies have the same face, and we're big-time disappointed. Yes, we realize these are cartoons and that they have exaggerated features. Sure, children are probably drawn to characters with giant eyes, which have long been the hallmark of every Disney character. But, c'mon. It's not like Mulan had much use for a corset, either.
Photo: Courtesy AboveAverage.com/Disney
Above Average writer Glenn Boozan jokes, "I can’t wait to buy my daughter a waist trainer for her Jasmine Halloween costume!!" See the rest of the pics over at AboveAverage.com.

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