Why Do All The Female Disney Pixar Characters Have The Same Face?

Photos: Courtesy of Pixar
Just when you thought the Disney Princess culture had reached the 21st century — today's movies aren't about being rescued by princess, hoorah! — a subtler form of animated sexism has come to light.

Bugged by something she noticed in the posters for Inside Out, Tumblr blogger Alex decided to take a close look at all the female and male characters of the Disney/Pixar movies to date. She found out that all the girls and women have almost exactly the same round face and ridiculously tiny nose. There's a lot of diversity among the men and boys, however.

Take a look at what happened when she outlined each female character's jaw and nose.
Her assessment is priceless: "Apparently every Disney woman is a clone/direct descendant of some primordial creature with huge round cheeks and a disturbingly small nose, because there is no other explanation (yes there is (it’s lazy sexism)) for the incredible lack of diversity among these female faces."

So, yeah, Anna, Elsa, Rapunzel, and Merida are doing it for themselves, but they've still got to be uniformly pretty like little babies. A.V. Club makes another point about these movies: Animators make the peripheral characters the most diverse (and funny-looking), but most Pixar films, even the female-driven ones, have mostly male supporting characters.
This isn't cool. Sure, animated characters aren't supposed to look exactly like real human beings. Still, there are girls out there — young and old — who would probably love to see some female characters with big noses, narrow faces, square jaws, wide noses, pointy chins, broad cheekbones, high cheekbones, small eyes, and every other form of beauty there is.      

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