Amy Schumer Hilariously Falls In Love With Her Barista

Photo by: TK/REX USA
Any viewer of Gilmore Girls knows that banter related to coffee transactions can lead to love. Although a romance that begins with coffee does not necessarily yield a happy ending. In a new sketch, Amy Schumer explores the emotional rollercoaster involved with a daily coffee shop visit. At the outset of the dialogue-free sketch, the attractive barista begins to woo Amy with his foam creations. Things start out tame — a leaf, a rose, a heart — and then get more risqué. (Sidebar: If a barista draws the male anatomy in your coffee drink, perhaps it's time to find a new coffee place.) Amy, however, remains charmed. It’s only after the caffeinated proposal that things start to go as sour as milk left out in the hot sun. Is this a tale about a woman getting over a guy and gaining her independence, or a reminder about how it’s good to switch up your coffee shop once in a while? You decide.
A new episode of Inside Amy Schumer airs at 10 p.m. tonight.

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