Watch OITNB Star Ruby Rose’s Stunning Short Film About Gender Fluidity

Photo: MediaPunch/REX USA
It's been a mere five days since season 3 of Netflix hit Orange Is the New Black was released (a blessed three hours early, too), but proud members of the R29 Binge Club are already well acquainted with the prison drama's newest addition, actress and model Ruby Rose. The Australian stunner, who joins the Litchfield crew as Stella Carlin, one corner of a can't-stop-watching love triangle with now-seasoned inmates Piper and Alex, has boldly admitted to identifying as "a guy" in real life. Now, she's sharing a truly stunning video portrayal of what that kind of gender fluidity means to her, Cosmopolitan reports. What is gender fluidity, exactly? It's "not really feeling like you're at one end of the spectrum or the other," Rose explained in an interview with last week. "For a long time, I wished I'd been born a boy. I didn't know there were options like gender neutral or gender fluid," she later told Cosmo. Once the inspiring actress realized gender fluidity was an option, was her reality, in fact, she decided to share her experience with others via a five-minute short film about "gender roles, trans, and what it is like to have an identity that deviates from the status quo." The moving video opens with a long-haired Rose fixing her makeup in front of a mirror... But something isn't quite right. The actress defiantly picks up a pair of scissors and chops off her long, blond locks, removes the makeup concealing her tattoos, peels off a pair of fake eyelashes, and replaces the skintight dress she was wearing with a more masculine button-up shirt, pants, and blazer — at last emerging as her true self. “This video is talking about how as soon as I get to take that hair off, and as soon as I get to take that makeup off, and as soon as I get to be 100% what I would be, which is definitely more boyish, I’m just freer and I’m happy,” Rose explained to Vanity Fair. And nothing looks as good on you as "happy," Ruby. Bravo.

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