Finally, The Duggars Parody We’ve All Been Waiting For

Photo: Rex USA
As Mark Twain famously said, “Humor is tragedy plus time.” Even the most scandalous, upsetting, and devastating situation can eventually be cashed in for comedy gold, as long as enough time has gone by for those affected to heal. But when it comes to the victims of Josh Duggar, who confessed to child molestation on May 21, it's tough to imagine an appropriate moment to make light of their particular situation or that his victims will ever truly heal. On the other hand, sometimes the only way for people to truly process disturbing news is to find the humor in it. Enter Funny or Die, the satire site that regularly churns out comedic takes on current events, political correctness be damned. Their take on Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, the reality-TV parents who admittedly covered up their son’s “mistakes,” is either hilarious on its own merits or hilarious because of how close it comes to being utterly taboo. “It has been terrible for us, and Josh,” says Erin Gibson as the wide-eyed Michelle. “But those are the only three people affected by these mistakes.” Funny? I laughed. I also laughed when Greg David Jones, the comedian playing Jim Bob, accuses InTouch magazine of “Scooby Doo’ing around.” But I’ve also never seen the TLC show, and don’t feel a connection to these people, who’ve only appeared as cartoonish figures on the periphery of my pop culture landscape until now. Pete Davidson, the 21-year-old SNL breakout star, lost his dad on September 11. He managed to build a steady stand-up career telling jokes about that loss, and continues telling those jokes today (including a particularly searing one during the Justin Bieber roast). Maybe laughter really is the best medicine.

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