Did Louis C.K.’s SNL Monologue Go Too Far?

Comedian Louis C.K. kicked off the season finale of Saturday Night Live last night with a monologue that courted controversy. So, exactly what you'd expect. After joking about the "mild racism" he learned as a child of the 1970’s ("The only time somebody got offended if you said something racist in the '70s was when they would then say 'hey, you interrupted me, I was saying something racist!'") and hilariously comparing his sometimes nonstop bickering daughters to Israel-Palestine ("Your sister is crazy, please don't make me talk to her."), C.K. moved on to the weighty subject of pedophilia.  Beginning with an anecdote about being simply told to avoid a neighbor's home in his youth because "he'll molest you," C.K. quickly gained bold momentum, comparing child molesting to eating a candy bar; you love that candy bar, child molesters must really love molesting children if they're willing to risk so much to do it. They risk so much, in fact, that "it must be amazing." To them, he is quick to add.  Did he go too far? Louis C.K. is a comedian famously known for not being afraid to joke about tough issues, and said under his breath at one point (as the audience gasped), "How do you think I feel? t's my last show probably."

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