You Can Use Pizza To Make All Your Decisions Now

Photographed by Ben Ritter.
When you’re faced with a tough decision to make and are in need of advice (bob or lob, anyone?), you can poll your friends, talk to your mom, or read a self-help book. 

Of course, you can forget about all that and just order a pizza and apply Free Art & Technology's borderline genius and certainly silly idea for letting pizza solve your problems in three easy steps:  

1. Order a pizza from your go-to delivery site (Seamless, etc.), using the “special instructions” box to request that the pepperoni topping be arranged in a ‘Y,’ ‘M,’ or ‘N’ shape (for yes, maybe, no).
Photo: Courtesy of

2. Receive pizza, tip kindly, and proceed to ask the closed pizza box your very important question.

3. Open said pizza box and “find enlightenment.”   

So forget about using a classic Magic 8 Ball to tell you “it is certain,” “don’t count on it,” or the infuriating "ask again later"—pizza predictions are the new way to go, thank you very much. Because if you don’t like what it says (or hey, even if you do), you get to eat a pizza. What's better than that?

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