This Don Draper Tumblr Will Make You Question Everything

Photo: Courtesy of AMC.
Today we learned something crucial about Mad Men. And, now that we know it, we can't believe we didn't see it sooner. Don Draper Staring Blankly is a new Tumblr that identifies the character's most iconic, confusing action. Namely: What is he always looking at? For someone who's touted as the most brilliant mind in his industry, Draper certainly spends a lot of time with a dumb expression on his (beautiful) face. Dan Brill, creator of the Tumblr and occasional Refinery29 contributor, said he was inspired to make it during a marathon session of the show. "At first I was getting frustrated that every episode seemed to end on the same note. Just Don, alone, staring, and then cue song," Brill said. "But, once I started looking at them all together, I realized they're these sort of beautiful portraits of loneliness or yearning or handsomeness or something." Definitely handsomeness.  "It really is such a beautiful looking show, so it's sort of mesmerizing to look at these shots in isolation," he told us. Brill's Tumblr, then, is something of an art gallery — an art gallery with fun captions.

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