Even Maury Povich Was Shocked By This Reality TV Show Moment

Photo: Gregory Pace/BEImages.

Maury Povich's reality talk show, The Maury Show, led the way for a
ton of the TV we're addicted to today, but there's something no Real Housewife
table-flipping GIF can trump. That is Maury's signature line, "You are not the father!" Whenever Maury
busted that out, you knew something was about to happen, and it wouldn't be
good. Tears, fistfights, flip-outs — who's to say? It's what kept everyone
tuning in week after week, for better or for worse.  

However, there was one moment that surprised even Povich,
who has covered the Kennedy Assassination and Watergate. During his Reddit AMA yesterday, some brave soul asked what the most surprising thing was that ever happened during his show, and the answer is a doozy.

"A woman accused a guy of being the father of her
twins," Povich replied, with help from Reddit's Victoria Taylor. "And,
when I opened the envelope — and I don't know the answers before anybody else
does — he was the father of one of the twins, but not the other.

"And, they were fraternal twins. And, science says that's
a million-to-one shot, that there could be two fathers of twins. And, it's
happened twice.

"So, the million-to-one
shot has come in twice. 

"And, that's the most surprised I ever was."

Maury wasn't the only one who was surprised that day, no
doubt. (Jezebel)


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