How This Man Ties — & Walks In — His 200-Pound Turban

Just because something's a symbol of faith, doesn't mean you can't get a little fancy with it. This we learn in a video from Vogue, which shows how one Baba Avtar Singh wears his Dastaar (the turban worn by observant Sikhs). Directed by Mark Hartman, the video shows a Northern Indian man who takes a maximalist approach to his turban, incorporating 2,460 feet of intricately layered fabric, and no shortage of chains, pins, and other metal adornments. The finished product weighs 200 pounds and never fails to attract crowds of smartphone-wielding gawkers. But, none of that stops Singh from getting around on his motorbike (albeit with a little help on the kick-start). Watch the video below to see the hypnotic wrapping and weaving that goes into this captivating look. (Vogue)

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