This Little Girl Cannot Handle Mufasa's Death

Listen, if for some reason you have not yet seen The Lion King, you should know that it's a tough film to watch. Not everyone makes it.

It's Mufasa. Mufasa doesn't make it. And, one little girl who just learned this information simply cannot handle it. 

Aside from an especially depressing moment in Bambi, the death of Mufasa is probably most millennial's first childhood interaction with dying. If you can't remember being emotionally scarred by that scene, then it's likely because you've blocked it out from your memory as to continue living your life in an emotionally healthy way.

You know who's not moving on from this sadness? The little girl in this video. She's got that kind of subtle, yet poignant sadness that just breaks your heart. Take a look. 

Viktoria watching Lion King for the first time, and Scar just killed Mufasa! Check out her light skin reaction.

Posted by Barles Charkley on Saturday, April 11, 2015

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