How Girls Is Actually Written (Well, Probably Not)

A terrible advertisement is no better than a cymbal-banging monkey. A great ad, though? Well, those can be pretty spectacular. 

Case in point: We've got an exclusive, two-minute teaser that HBO made in promotion of HBO Now, the $15-a-month streaming service that lets you finally cut the cord on cable. And, it's pretty delightful. 

To start, it features two of our favorite funny ladies being witty and wonderful — Girls creator Lena Dunham and showrunner Jenni Konner, who once told us, "a 20-minute disco nap can solve anything." The promo depicts everything we hope and dream of when we think about the Girls writer's room: Dunham and Konner noodling over hypothetical plot lines, eating banana chips and drinking expensive juice, and hanging around in their pajamas, taking crazy-long breaks to binge-watch TV online while dreaming up the wildest of plot lines. (Spoiler alert: Hannah may or may not have a demon baby in season 5.)

We're holding out for the sequel to this clip, since it ends with the duo getting comfy in PJs with a bottle of booze. That's where the really great ideas start, right?

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