Why You Should Care That The X-Files Is Back — Whether You Were Obsessed In The '90s Or Not

Photo: Fox
The X-Files is returning to the small screen this summer with six new episodes featuring the supernatural shenanigans of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. There are so very many reasons why fans are thrilled to see Mulder and Scully smolder while they uncover mysteries of the universe...but why should you care?

Mulder and Scully are the O.G. television couple for 'shippers, back when fanfic was relegated to Usenet and Angelfire websites. Dip into the world of Tumblr and you'll see that the thirst for David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson’s onscreen characters — and their oft-debated off-screen chemistry — has never been slaked. Even with — as series creator Chris Carter calls it — "a 13-year commercial break" and two less than stellar movies. Plus, they're hotter than ever.

Other than the reasons put forth by the collective pop culture id, there are still plenty of cool things to look forward to. Watching old episodes of X-Files now drives home just how janky the technology Mulder and Scully had at their disposal back then; imagine what they’ll be able to do with iPhones! Let's face it: Things have just gotten weirder and scarier when it comes to government conspiracies over the years. Forget about the Smoking Man; let's talk about the NSA.   

The X-Files was before its time as far as binge-worthy, rewatchable TV dramas go, so this is not only the perfect moment to catch them on Netflix, but it’s an ace time for Fox to get into the serious TV biz. And, hey, while they're at it, maybe Fox can release The X-Files on Blu-ray and in a decent aspect ratio? Just saying. (Deadline)

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