Scott Eastwood's Fifty Shades of "No Thanks"

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages.
After Charlie Hunnam dropped out of Fifty Shades of Grey, the studio scrambled to find another dude who could fill Christian Grey's Guccis. Everyone from Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" boyfriend to Alex Pettyfer read for the role, but one actor who was invited to Focus Features' Red Room of Auditions politely declined. Scott Eastwood, son of Clint, apparently has a hard limit when it comes to auditioning for movies without a script, especially one that would require full frontal nudity.

Eastwood told USA Today, "They had asked me to come in and read and test for it. But, they had no script. I won't do a movie where there is no script. I am not going to get locked in. And, they wanted full frontal nudity. There were some things about it that were not for me."

Of course, we all know now that the male full frontal in Fifty Shades was trimmed down to barely a glance, but we can respect Eastwood's commitment to auditioning for a movie where there's already a script in place. Hopefully, he enjoyed the research. [USA Today]

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