Diane Kruger Gets A Reporter To #AskHerMore

Courtesy: David Fisher/Rex/REX USA
The #AskHerMore movement is gaining traction, and we're loving it. Diane Kruger is the latest star to talk about the lame questions she's peppered with on the red carpet, and she had an interesting perspective on why the questions are often so frivolous.

Yahoo Lifestyle UK reporter Poppy Jamie
asked Kruger if she was bored with the questions she was typically asked on the red carpet; without skipping a beat, the Farewell, My Queen star agreed.

"I'm an actress, I have a job, I have a life. There so many other things that I think you would ask a man but you wouldn't ask a woman," Kruger said. She clearly implied that she would much rather be asked about her craft, the project in question, or the industry in general, and went on to make a salient point that maybe not a lot of people outside the industry are aware of. 

"A lot of journalists in this industry don't even go to see the movies. They stand [on] the red carpet, and they don't really know what this person has done or what they're in, so it makes it a little superficial. I'm not saying it needs to be super-deep and intense all the time, but it would be nice, as a woman, to be asked other things," Kruger said.

Unlike a journalist preparing for a sit-down interview with an actor or director, red carpet reporters aren't always given the opportunity to see the movie the star is promoting. Or, if they are given that opportunity, they just might not care. 

Red carpet interviews are notoriously terrible. There are shouting crowds, hovering publicists, sweaty reporters, and uncomfortable shoes for just about everyone involved. It's hard to have any sort of exchange in the few, palm-sweating minutes you get face to face with a star like Kruger — but it's certainly worth a try. Fashion is fun and time is of the essence, but let's face it: No one is asking Bradley Cooper what he's wearing or asking to let his fingers do the walking in the Mani Cam. [Yahoo!]


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