The Titanic Ending You Haven’t Heard (That Won’t Break Your Heart)

Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.
Movie fans' theories are usually so hairbrained, they can actually be kind of brilliant. Today's shining beacon turns the light on movie royalty Jack and Rose. Yes, that Jack and Rose. The theory purports that Jack Dawson (a.k.a. Leo with good hair) is actually a time traveler sent back to 1912 to save Rose DeWitt Bukater from jumping to her watery grave, thus forever altering the events of the R.M.S. Titanic. Mind blown. "This may seem ridiculous but think about it for a moment...if Rose jumped to her demise then the ship would have stopped for look for her," fanboy Matt writes, continuing to say that the delay would have led to warmer temperatures and the avoidance of one ill-fated iceberg. He continues to gather Google evidence. For starters: The poor artist wasn't necessarily smitten over the buxom aristocrat, he was just meant to spend a lot of time with her, as it was "his job to ensure her survival." (Painting that spicy nude oil on canvas and consummating all that "time" was just icing on the clock.)  The writer also highlights these profound observations, including 1.) Jack was penniless throughout the film, with no currency at all; 2.) he mentions ice fishing at Lake Wissota with his pops, a man-made reservoir built five years after the ship sank; 3.) his trusty rucksack wasn't au courant until the 1930s; 4.) the man promised Rose that the two would "ride on the [Santa Monica Pier] roller coaster until we throw up" — but said roller coaster was only built in 1916.  Further research would unearth just a few more key points, or as IMDb calls them, "goofs." (BuzzFeed)

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