Martin Starr & Paul Wesley Get Serious In This Exclusive Clip From Amira & Sam

If you're in the mood for a sweet rom-com that doesn't insult your intelligence, Amira & Sam is where it's at. Martin Starr, well, stars as Sam, a dude who's fresh out of the army and adjusting to live among the civilians. He's kinda sorta settling in when he meets Amira (Dina Shihabi), the niece of his Iraqi war pal; she's naturally pretty suspicious of anyone involved with the army, but soon enough, they're forced into becoming friends — and more, obviously. Meanwhile, Sam is being courted by his cousin Charlie (Paul Wesley) to become a fancy hedge funder and make tons of dough. In this exclusive clip from Amira & Sam, Charlie is giving his cousin the hard sell on why he should join the 1%. It's serious business, which is an interesting twist on how we usually see Wesley and Starr. Naturally, we've come to know and love Paul Wesley as a beautiful bloodsucker in The Vampire Diaries, and Starr has been stealing our hearts since the days of Freaks and Geeks. Let's face it, it's hard not to love Starr in all of his manifestations, from hard sci-fi lover Roman in Party Down to sensitive indie dude in Save the Date. Now he's all clean cut and grown up in this romance, and frankly, we're not mad about it. Amira & Sam is currently in limited release, but you can also watch it from the comfort of your couch, divan, hammock, or bed on iTunes, Amazon, and other streaming media sites.

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