Ryan Gosling’s New Movie Finally Gets A Dreamy Trailer

Hey girl, Ryan Gosling made a movie.  Unfortunately, that movie hasn't been favored by critics. Who cares, though! The new trailer is so pretty!  Lost River is Gosling's directorial debut featuring Mad Men's Christina Hendricks who plays a mother trying to raise and protect her two kids in a cursed city. Eva Mendes stars as a stage performer with an audience that gets pleasure out of violence, gore, and torture. The trailer alludes to Hendricks' character seeking employment there and, well, this may not turn out well because there's a major Twin Peaks vibe pulsing through this trailer. In fact, this whole thing looks very David Lynch. Perhaps that's why The Hollywood Reporter called Gosling's a "visual and aural sensory bath that shows some real flair but feels madly derivative at every moment." We'll just have to see when Lost River is released on April 10. In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful, dreamy, Gosling-ified trailer below.

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