This Supercut Of Women Kicking Butt Is The Definition Of Girl Power

Alright everyone, gird up your loins! This supercut, appropriately titled "Action Women Movie Montage," is going to rev you up.

For too long, men have been leading the pack of action heroes. But, behind every 007 is an M calling the shots, a Trinity protecting the peace, and a Bride seeking justice. It's high time we recognized the bodacious females that run Tinseltown and all its make-believe locales. 

Video editor Clara Darko knows what's up and put together an epic montage of Hollywood's most badass ladies in film. There are guns. There are swords. There's ass-kicking. Calling these scenes cat fights would be an insult. Do we even have to ask who runs the world at this point? No. It's the girls.

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