This Whisper Supercut Is A Librarian's Dream

At last, a film supercut so quiet, you may even be able to watch it at your desk without risking side eye from your boss. Heck, even a librarian might pull up a chair and join you.
Filmmaker Jon Lefkowitz has assembled the ultimate supercut devoted to whispering and shushing scenes from film, TV, and music videos. From The Sound of Music and Lost in Translation to Bjork's "Oh So Quiet" and Waiting for Guffman, they're all here. Now, is it just us, or does Jimmy Stewart whisper a lot? We spied the star keeping his musings on the DL in both Rear Window and Vertigo. On a less suspenseful note, the adorable, pharmacy-counter love declaration from It's a Wonderful Life also made the cut. Oh, and so did that "oral pleasure" scene from Pulp Fiction.
What can we say? It appears silence really is golden. Maybe keep this handy as a subtle lesson for your friend who always pipes up in full voice during the main attraction.
Video: Courtesy Jon Lefkowitz.

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