10 Reese Witherspoon Scenes That Blew Everyone Away

Your mission for this weekend: watch Reese Witherspoon's buzz-worthy performance in Wild, which opens today. The word in Hollywood is the actress is a shoo-in for an Oscar nomination. Witherspoon has already taken home one Academy Award — for Walk The Line in 2005 — and she's revving up to claim her second.
To get you psyched for the film — and to honor the star's standing as a bona fide national treasure — we've rounded up 10 of her top film performances. Witherspoon's resume spans far beyond her reign as the the queen of rom-coms. We're talking Tracy Flick. We're talking Becky Sharp. We're talking Vanessa freaking Lutz.
Click through to see some of Witherspoon's finest work. From small roles with big impact to cult classic performances, the gal's just got it. Respect.

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Freeway, 1996
This cult favorite sees America's Sweetheart playing against type as the potty-mouthed, gun-toting, prison-fighting Vanessa Lutz. Here, she teaches her john a painful and very claustrophobic lesson.
Election, 1999
In which Tracy Flick owns Matthew Broderick's Mr. McAllister. We're scared.
Pleasantville, 1998
Witherspoon schools squeaky-clean mom Joan Allen on the birds and the bees, resulting in one of the greatest taking-care-of-business scenes of all time.
Legally Blonde, 2001
Chutney's perm lands her in jail for murder. We're sure Elle would agree that sporting that 'do was also a criminal offense.
Walk The Line, 2005
Witherspoon's country twang and singing skills won her an Oscar. Here, her June Carter Cash does a charming comedy bit from offstage.
Cruel Intentions, 1999
The funny faces scene hurts our hearts a little. Reese and Ryan 4-EVA.
Vanity Fair, 2004
Social climber Becky Sharp delivers a chilling vocal performance. Bravo.
Fear, 1996
We've never looked at amusement parks the same way again.
American Psycho, 2000
Best breakup scene ever, served up with one final parting shot: "I have to return some videotapes."
The Man in the Moon, 1991
Baby Reese gets her first kiss from everyone's favorite '90s-twin crush, Jason London.

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