You Legit Will Not Believe Who Made This Belle Catcalling Video

Ever since one woman showed what it was like to walk around for 10 hours in New York City, people everywhere have tried to chime in with something similar. Funny or Die recreated the video using a man. A group in New Zealand even gave it a whirl. Just when you thought we'd all moved on from the catcalling videos, we got another one straight out of Disney.
In this remake, Belle walks around Little Town. Except, all the "Bonjour!" greetings are replaced with lines from the original catcalling video. This is almost as good as the time we were given "Bonjour, Girl." Almost.
What's crazy about this whole thing, though, is who's behind the spoof in the first place. Normally, the human behind a viral YouTube video is some regular person who had a bit of extra time on their hands and a great sense of humor. But, the artist here is someone you've actually seen a lot of already.
The YouTube account under which the video is published is DoctorDoctorMD. Underneath the video itself, the publisher lists the associated Twitter account as @DoctorDoctor. That Twitter account's bio informs us that it's a parody account run by none other than...
Photo: REX USA/Rob Latour.
Rico Rodriguez. More endearingly known as Manny Delgado from Modern Family.
It's hard to believe, not because Rodriguez isn't a perfectly capable star on the rise with varied interests, which apparently include Disney and women's rights. It's so shocking because his Twitter account is predominantly tweets about sports and Modern Family. Plus, you'd have to dig a bit to realize DoctorDoctorMD is actually @DoctorDoctor, who is actually this young man.
We've reached out to Rodriguez for confirmation that this video is his creation. He hasn't responded yet, but all signs point to yes.
Mind. Blown.

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