SNL Does Home For Thanksgiving Just Like We Do

No matter how independent and self-sufficient we are as adults, something about walking through our parents' door during the holidays makes us regress into lazy, and petulant middle school kids. Most of the time, our parents are only all too happy to accommodate our tendency to sleep in till noon, eat all of the snacks and dirty up the dishes with impunity.
No one really captures that dynamic quite like SNL’s female rap group Your Girls. ‘Lil Baby Aidy and company previously put the awkwardness of having sex on your old twin bed during the holidays into song. Now, Your Girls have enlisted host Cameron Diaz to sell us on a much less racy but arguably more universal experience in “Back Home Ballers.”
New cast member Leslie Jones shines in her verse dedicated to the snack bowls her parents set out like some kind of delicious minefield. Cameron Diaz’s verse tackles the inevitability of seeing a lame PG movie with the rents (but hey, dad always pays for the tickets). The girls join together to hilariously celebrate the fact that the wi-fi password is almost as long as a CVS receipt.

Plus, Cecily Strong’s side swept bouffant definitely deserves its own shout out.
The episode also tapped into nostalgia by opening with this Schoolhouse Rock parody of all the bureaucracy and politicking involved in the process of turning a bill into a law. You’ll never hear “I’m Just a Bill” the same way again.

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